Music & Dancing – Masquerade
Split the Pot – Mini Chinese Auction
Admission: $25
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Wednesday, February 28, 2018 Purim Eve Schedules

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  Fast Begins Shacharis Mincha & Machatzit HaShekel Maariv Megillah Reading 2nd Megillah Reading   
Chabad House of Mill Basin         6:15 PM   Food, Drinks, L’Chaim!

Chabad of Georgetown

    5 PM   6:15 PM   Singing, Dancing, L’Chaim

Cong. Beit Hillel

5:10 AM 6 AM 5:15 PM 6:16 PM 6:30 PM    

Cong. ZRMF

5:19 AM 6 AM 5:15 PM 6:30 PM 6:45 PM 8:15 PM  

Flatbush Park Jewish Center

        Sanctuary 6:50 PM;
Mestel Midrash
6:50 PM
  8 PM
Children’s Purim Carnival: Music,
Costume Contest
Pizza & Soda will be sold


Thursday, March 1, 2018 Purim Day Schedules

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  Shacharit Megillah Reading 2nd Megillah Reading Mincha Purim Meal
Chabad House of Mill Basin   10 AM 4 PM   5 PM
Chabad of Georgetown 7 AM 7:45 AM 10 AM  

4:30 PM
$30/Adult, $10/child
RSVP 718-564-4073

Cong. Beit Hillel 6 AM After Shacharit   12:45 PM

2 PM
Rabbi’s Simchas Purim
1326 E. 65th St.
All Welcome!

Cong. ZRMF 7:30 AM 8:15 AM 10 AM 4:30 PM

4:50 PM
All Invited
Join for Dessert & Dancing even if u ate elsewhere! 

Flatbush Park Jewish Center  

Mestel Midrash 6:20 AM;
Sanctuary 8:20 AM

10 AM



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